Tom Phillips

City Services Commissioner

Transportation Commissioner


Population in 2012: 726
Estimated Median House Value in 2012: $276,363
Zip Code: 40241
Area: 0.3 Square Miles

Chris Von Allmen

Stuart Ries

Samuel Mason​​

Trevor Cravens

Green Spring, Kentucky Facts:  

The City of Green Spring is located in the beautiful green and rolling hills of Eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky.  Green Spring is a sixth Class City in the Commonwealth of Kentucky's city designation system.  Our location is ideal being located close to fine school systems, excellent recreational parks, key Ohio River points, and beautiful horse farms characteristic of the Kentucky blue grass region.  The City takes pride in its residents who share a common vision of planned growth and development for our community that aims to preserve the character and natural beauty of the region.  

City Leadership

Beautification Commissioner

Finance Commissioner